Lana Kos and Zagreb Soloists

World-renowned soprano first time with Zagreb Soloists

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Zagreb Soloists' 64rd Concert Seasons

Lana Kos, Sreten Krstić, Oliver Triendl, Luka Ljubas, Zvjezdice, Lovro Merčep

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Zagreb Soloists perform J.S.Bach Piano Concertos

20th St Mark's Festival

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'Dedicated to Zagreb Soloists'

'60 in Croatia - Myth and Reality

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Oliver Triendl and Zagreb Soloists in Germany

Papandopulo's music in Germany

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Oliver Triendl in Chopin's Piano Concerto No.2

Fifth concert of 64th season

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12.06. Lana Kos

F.Schubert: Death and the maiden, No. 14, D.810 *** G. Verdi: Desdemona’s prayer from Otello G. Verdi: Tacea…

Zagreb Soloists perform J.S.Bach Piano Concertos

  On Sunday, May 6, at the Croatian Music Institute, at 8 pm, Zagreb Soloists will…

‘Dedicated to Zagreb Soloists’

Tuesday, May 8th at 20 On Tuesday, May 8, at 8 pm, at the Museum of Arts…

Oliver Triendl and Zagreb Soloists in Germany

On Sunday, April 8, Zagreb Soloists will perform the concert in the German town Zorneding. The ensemble will be…


The Zagreb Soloists’ season consist of six concerts in the Croatian Music Institute and three concerts at the Museum of Applied Arts. In addition to these concerts there are performances in cooperation with the Music Academy of Zagreb, as well as concerts in collaboration with the Croatian Musical Youth.

About Zagreb Soloists

"In their performances the ensemble has shown the seldom-experienced power of symphonic sound, with the chamber periods of their work leaving a significant impression. Zagreb Soloists are an ensemble of great potential and with interpretations of a high artistic reach".


Tonko Ninić, the Zagreb Soloists’ leader from 1973 to 1997

“I am especially pleased to see that the generations of excellent young artists are continuing to support the Zagreb Soloists’ tradition and I heartily wish them every success".


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