68th season

Croatian Radio and Television Choir 09.10.2021.

World-first performance of Stabat mater by Srećko Bradić

Hrvatski glazbeni zavod

Mario Penzar – 10.11.2021.

Meet our new harpsichordist


Mario Ivelja – 27.11.2021. – A farewell concert – Krunoslav Marić – Devil’s Trill Sonata

End of an era and Tartini's Devil's Trill Sonata

Hrvoje Philips – 22.01.2022.

Leading Croatian violist


Renata Pokupić – 19.02.2022.

World premiere of the famous Berlioz cycle Les nuits d'été in arrangement for strings

Hrvatski glazbeni zavod

Jasen Chelfi – 19.03.2022. – Roccoco

Cello virtuoso

Hrvatski glazbeni zavod

Young Laureates of Music Competitions – 30.04.2022.

Young Music Competition Laureates and Youth Salon

Edicson Ruiz – 14.05.2022. – On the occasion of Franz Schubert’s 225th anniversary

One of most successful bass soloists of the present time at the concert on the occasion of Franz Schubert's 225th anniversary

Ingolf Turban – 11.06.2022.

One of the leading interpreters of Paganini