Lucija Brnadić


Lucija was born in Zadar.  She started sudying the violin at the Music School Blagoje Bersa in Zadar in the class of Prof. Drago Novak, and later in the class of Prof. Petar Vrbančić.  She graduated in violin studies in the class of Prof. Maja Dešpalj-Begović at the Academy of Music in Zagreb as well as in viola studies in the class of Prof. Milan Čunko.  At present she is a member of the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra as a solo violist.

From 2003 – 2008 she served as a member of the prestigious Sao Paulo Symphony Orchestra.  Upon returning to Croatia she became a member of the Zagreb Soloists, and has worked with them from time to time up to the present.  She dedicates special attention to chamber music-making, mostly when performing as a permanent member of the Porin Quatet, of which she became a member in 1999.  She also performs with the Cantus Ensemble, the Zadar Chamber Orchestra and the Varaždin Chamber Orchestra.  With the Porin Quartet she has won praiseworthy awards, such as:  Ivo Vuljević Award (for the finest young musicians in 2002), Darko Lukić Award and Radio Podium, as well as the prestigious Milka Trnina Diploma. She also records for Croatian Radio-Television.